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Alena Kuznevsova

Daydreamer, 2016, Colour digital print A3 on coated paper 90 gr

1. Drawing Utopias:

My work Daydreamer is like through the looking glass of the 'image' phenomenon. I reduce all the unnecessary in my non-figurative color paintings. Sometimes, I become a bit tired of questions like 'what did you want to tell with this?' or simply 'what is it?' I use a digital code to create some images in my abstract paintings, that were not supposed to be present. Its an utopian psychedelic gesture, demonstrating hidden patterns and agreeing to be a machine, just artisan, not an artist.


2. Dream economics: I have no answer to the second question.

Ukrainian professional artist with a ten years academic background, started with ending children art school in Svetlovodsk, then a free researching education journey started. Being a student of Kiev National University of Building and Architecture, and receiving fine art and design education there, I never stopped my own searchings of answer to the question "What is art for me?". Then I got acquainted with contemplative painting (Goetheanum's color study) through one russian artist, which mixed with my academic knowledge and pushed me to the first exhibitions participating and even teaching. So, exhibitions and color admiring never stop since 2008. I managed to find my own language in abstract painting, thinking about color first of all. The last four or five years my focus often is on contemporary art, such as my project 'Daydreamer' in Drawing Utopias.

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