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Alison Miller

My life in a dream, 2016, Graphic novel



1. Drawing Utopias:  Through dream logic my work explores the
drive for creative self-expression, the inner psychic structures that
both enable as well as inhibit the expression of self.  Portraying some
of the layered complexity of the mind, my work acknowledges the
thoughtfulness of the unconscious to inform and guide the more
conscious self.  Recognition of this unconscious thoughtfulness may
help us more ably navigate within our existing worlds and perhaps
aid us in creating better ones.

2. Dream Economics: Central to conventional economics is a sorry
model of humanity – Economic Man.  This being is ‘rational’ - only
interacting with others in the market in order to satisfy his or her
self- interest, which may be subjectively determined, but will be
pursued in an optimal way. Wants and desires not backed by the
ability to pay are more or less ignored. Of course Economics will
protest that these assumptions will be relaxed to make economic
models more accurately approximate reality.  Fat chance I say.  

Artistic creative enterprise on the other hand deals with images, ideas,
sounds words that are not shackled by such arid instrumental
constructs.  Instead we artists are more concerned with the awkward
clutter of life, the hard to speak of; the stuff that we may sometimes
shrink from. The thoughts, emotions, feelings and messiness of
experience, are the very stuff that art rescues from oblivion.  
Art must now be our ally in helping us rescue ourselves from an
economics that denies us much of what it is to be human.

My life in a dream is a graphic story to make you smile and think. Drawn by Alison Miller to reveal a dream she had in her twenties that still rings true. After a successful twenty two year commercial career, Alison escaped the corporate coil to do what she loves the most - tell stories to engage and entertain. A versatile talent, she is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Kingston University and already has a published short story in the literary anthology 'Aestas 2014'.

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