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Esperanza Vaquerin

Untitled, 2016, 39 cm x29 cm, ink and paint on hand made paper

My main concerns in my art work consciously and unconsciously are personal; relationships with "the other", love and loss, alienation and identity and the chemical reaction that is produced when one mixes with"the other" whether in harmony or in discord . The conflict of being or non being.

My drawings are a poetic interpretation of the world I live in. An utopian drawing of my presence versus the absence of the other. In my own practice I use materials that I save and collect to create a visual language and narrative.

Nothing is unimportant in my drawing . I use thread, ink, paint , flowers etc to create an aesthetic utopia where I am witness to a broken whole .

My work is symbolic and I use the metaphor and materials that are nature by Nature Dead but paradoxically very much alive within my discourse. Dreams are traced in my own memory . My work is in essence a utopian dialogue with my inner void where I piece together the fragments of the past and hopefully creating new meaning and possibilities.


My utopian dream scenario would be the cohesion of my art and my life that will lead me to colaborate with artists, designers and musicians .  My utopian dream would be to be part of a supportive collective of artists where art is part of everyday life and artists rewarded for the art they create. 

Esperanza Vaquerin was born in Madrid in 1962. I moved to London in 1985 where I studied Fine Art in Chelsea School of Art , Saint Martin's School of Art and Goldsmiths where I gained a PGCE in Art and Design. I have taught Art in Secondary Schools for several years. I have participated in several groups shows in London. I currently have two paintings in Worthing Museum as part of the Freud Friends and Family exhibition at the Norwood Gallery.
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