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Daniel  Fernandes

untitled, charcoal, graphite and pigment on paper, 2015

1. Drawing Utopias: A twenty meters long yellowish grey arena. There are tables inside. Five tables of various sizes. To get there: walk for 30 min. A track, a circle, an arena. When I arrive, I open a door, close the same door and open another door. An outdoor space, an enclosed courtyard where the clouds are painted in a blue-grey on background wall.


The relationship with the landscape is made through one of the various windows that are at the bottom of this courtyard. It is the third window from the top right. In it a distant reflection of an image. A dim reflection. The shadow of a landscape.

2. Dream Economics: A world so full of images, especially finished images. Drawing is immediate and economic practice favors the construction of unfinished and fragile images. Instead of looking for completeness, the practice of drawing produces fragments of a world in constant construction, which is made and remade in each drawing.


These unfinished images may produce the possibility to make us dream again. In fact, the images that come to us from of this immense flow appear to be unimaginative, without time for imagination. In this sense lies an approximation to archeology in which the production of images, by drawing, are though as a practice of undoing the burnish.

Daniel Fernandes, was born in1983. He lives and works in Lisbon In 2015 he completed a master's degree in Drawing at ESAD CR - School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha. He exhibits his work since 2010,in solo and group exhibitions: 90-10 Exhibition 20 years Fine Arts ESAD - XXI Building, Technological Pole of Lisbon; Ikas-ART 2011 - Bilbao Exhibition Center; Ficar de Pé - Polytechnic Theatre Artistas Unidos, Lisbon-2013; On Drawing - in the House of Tavira Arts; Carvão Papel Sanguínea- Atelier 6, Caldas da Rainha 2014; Skin - Collective a9)))) Leiria 2015; Curatorial Project Voltar a Trás e Olhar a Gravura - works from the engraving Collection of Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Polytechnic Theatre Artistas Unidos - with Catherine Lopes Vincent and João Gabriel Pereira 2015, III x III – 111 Gallery, Lisbon ; and he won the D. Fernando II Prize, Sintra - 2016


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