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The idea for this project was triggered by a dream: 


"I was living in a run-down house, almost in ruins, with my "modern" family of friends, ex partner, son. The house had a patio and I was very tired as well as my family. In a particular moment of the dream, I was with my face in my hands, resting, talking tired words with my ex-partner. Then my friend Marta suddenly appeared and walked down the stairs. She was happy and excited. She had come to help me organize my house. She had discovered marvellous furniture in its attic that I had no idea about, and helped me to decorate a business I didn't know I had: a restaurant, that existed on the first floor of the house. My restaurant was filled with clients who were all eating delicious colourful food.

I woke up in wonder."


Linking night dreams with economics might seem counter intuitive and difficult. How to bridge what addresses one's innermost sphere, each one's individual unconscious with the most idealistic cutting edge projects, experimenting with collective novel economic organizations ? The idea stems from an understanding that only by doing some  “inner housekeeping”, by working with our night dreams, one is truly able to better understand and find those tools/resources to act on the outer world in such a way that old patterns don't repeat themselves. 


Cleaning the house is not always easy. One has to get rid of stuff, processes that don't serve us or the world anymore. In doing so, we look at our dark corners and dusty rooms, which have been closed for a while, neglected. What do our night dreams tell us about our anxieties, needs, blockages, gifts and hopes for our awakened lives? How can dreams help us expand our consciousness? And what is the impact of our personal dreams and nightmares on our economic lives and the economics of the world, overall?


Carl Jung, who studied the function of dreams, writes how "dreams express new thoughts that haven't reached the threshold of consciousness".


Can dreams, understood in this holistic way, help us sketch a map of new ways to organize our house, our economics ?  





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