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Gizem Enuysal

Trekkie's Dream

59,5 x 47 cm, Oil and Pencil on Paper


This is a portrait of my friend when he was ten or eleven years old. He is a big fan of Star Trek and he is dreaming that he is the Commander Spock, the captain of the space ship and a citizen of a foreign planet .The White collar is a part of black school uniform which is very common and traditional in Turkey. I put together collar as a traditional symbol of a school boy uniform and formal cloth of spaceship with its emblem on chest. I want to express a childs dream of being a captain of spaceship and citizen of a planet while he was at school, being in a very real and formal conditions.

1. Drawing Utopias:

My work is associated with Utopia via child's dream. As a Trekkie, the school boy dreams of becoming Commander Spock. He wears the uniform of Star Trek Crew, 

under his white collar, which is a traditional symbol of school. Commander Spock is an important character in the Star Trek society . This society has Utopian principles 

in itself, particularly in 'the Federation', such as as endless freedom, equality and peace.


2. Dream Economics :

For me one of the ideal scenario is the diversity and equality of artist's production conditions. 

My dream economics is share-ability of experience and artistic heritage between artist, without any obstacles.

I was Born in Ankara, in 1979. I live and study in İstanbul. Currently I am a PhD stıudent Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting Department. I finished my MFA at the same university in 2010.My Works are mostly autobiografic and narrative, I work with oil painting and drawing. I had one solo exhibition in 2012 amd participated many group exhibitions.

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