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In 1997 in the Australian outback I had the opportunity to spend time with some aborigine artists. This experience re-connected me as an artist with nature. On my return to London I picked up a piece of tree bark, cleaned and painted it. My life as an artist had evolved from geometric abstractionist to painter of objects, a sculptor in colour. From that time on I have painted on natural found objects and geometric forms. I like to make work which is relevant to a place and time. I have organised events, worked and been included in exhibitions in London, UK including the Liverpool Biennale in 2004/6/8, USA, NYC, Austen Texas, Parc Ibirapuera Sao Paolo and Florianopolis Brazil, MAM CHILOE20 ANOS Chile, Uruguay, Italy, Holland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Beirut, Australia, Hong Kong and Ghana. In 2014/5 I participated in the 4th Edition Biennalfindelmondo in Mar del Plata Argentina.


I have collaborated with poets, musicians, performance artists, playwrights, scientists, mathematicians, social scientists and philosophers.


I have also worked in experimental art contexts organising and taking part in events outside the normal gallery situation.






Paula Gunn: p172

THE DREAM: Let us be concerned with the relationships to and among the physical and non physical. It is in the relationships between the contraries, the oppositions that we will find the harmony that we need to live a good life never denying what is not in our immediate favour but accepting it and seeing it as part of the relationships which we need to navigate to live a good life. This means that we work within the framework we are born with and traverse during our lives not in some Utopian stronghold which by nature excludes what is deemed unworthy or evil, as well as those who are in disagreement. Utopias may not be good places once they are made concrete and leave the place of dreams. My dream is inclusive and takes place in ordinary life.


In Nature there are models for a good society as in MUTUALISM. These systems give us a chance to look again at our own Capitalistic predatory system and see that there are viable alternatives for us to pursue.


MONEY: Thomas Moore recognised that money was a problem in society so he banished it, only allowing merchants who worked outside utopia to deal in it. This is where it all goes wrong. It is not money that is “wrongʻ but our relationship to it whereby it has become a commodity in itself, something to be collected and stored, used as the basis for power over others. So in my dream I accept money as the currency which like water runs through our fingers and call for an understanding that it can become a basis for trust and good relationships with each other and the world we live in.

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