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Joana Patricio

"seven more or less two... enough."
paper based techniques (india ink, watercolour,
charcoal, pastel, tissue and strings)


1. Drawing Utopias: Utopia, more than a book written 500 years ago, is
for me like a lullaby I can still remember. The possibility of playing in
the backyards of this given present. The possibility of another future,
rooted in our common past. My works are like footprints that I try to
remember. I draw them as if I could close my eyes and just dance that
strange (IN)possible lullaby.

2. Dream Economics: Like Ezra Pound wrote, "The image is more than
an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with
energy." To keep on asking would be my ideal art practice. In this
sense, could co-authorship be at the centre of the maelstrom, of this
hurricane we call contemporary?

Joana was born in Lisbon, 1975. Clinical psychologist (community and family therapy), she worked in the area of Child Protection for several years (both in direct intervention and research. Her artistic projects include writing (mainly children's theatre plays) and visual arts. With several projects in theatre (scenarios and animation), works in mixed media. Currently working on visual narratives and contemporary paradigms.


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