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Johanna Bolton

Johanna Bolton is a Swedish artist living in London, she finished her degree at Chelsea College 2014. After graduating she has participated in a number of group shows and events, worked as a tutor, and is an active member in alternative university group AltMFA.


Her practice is concerned with finding strategies to observe and record the invisible in the everyday, whether this is caused by routine or a problem of conceptualisation.

1. Drawing Utopias: This work is a gentle play on the idea that the universe guides us through easily found signs. People crave guidance and reassurance. In childhood, a (hopefully) benevolent authority figure seemed to have all the answers. We long to get back to this certainty, I think that is why people are so willing to give up their freedoms to religious and political fanatics.

2. Dream Economics: A place where a human would get the means to grow to be all that she could be. A place where we measure achievement in terms of progress, knowledge and refinement, not money.


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