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Karen Piddington

Renegade heroes save the planet from automobile infestation
through the use of giant magnets. Ink and watercolour drawing
on A4 paper.


My vision of utopia is not one seen simply through the prism of humankind. Rather it is one where all creatures hold an equal status;  where monetary value doesn’t feature;  where human beings do not exploit or dominate the natural world; and where they are reconnected to the earth and respect all species regardless.

I’m a interdisciplinary artist, I magnify and manipulate the awkward conjunctions and contradictions of 21st century living, often involving people and animals.  Similarities are exaggerated and juxtaposed to create a paradoxical scene.  I use ambiguity, absurdity and humour to test boundaries between humans and animals, to question ways in which we relate to other species and to re-present definitions of humanness. Employing both a playful and a serious intent, my aim is to sweep the viewer off into the unfamiliar.

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