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Lawrence Crane

Utopia Number 1, Acrylic on cavas

Drawing Utopias: “Of course the idea of Utopia differs from person to person, but while drawing and creating the world of my own Utopia, I stumbled across the idea of a robotic and natural world merged together. Within the world illness and war would be gone replaced with a world of serenity. Some would argue that this is similar to Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, but I would argue that this world is much like the idea of ancient civilisations where philosophy and free thought and speech are paramount. Very much like a dream.”

Lawrence Crane is a self taught artists. Having been drawing since he could hold a pencil, Lawrence has honed his skills to study faces, portraits and people. Having studied Drama and Applied Theatre at St Mary’s University, Lawrence has come away from that with a profound study of people, stories and the meanings behind the smallest detail. He always looks for a narrative within his work and something which he can leave more to the view; more than an image. This is Lawrence’s first exhibition and he’s thoroughly looking forward to finally displaying his work in the public eye.


Lawrence has connected his in his alternative reality where machine and humans are jointed together blurring the boundary between the two. Having looked at studies and portraits taking place during the Renaissance (Which could be argued to be a ‘Utopia’ world.) Lawrence has envisioned a word in which the influx of science and art has come again and this time joining the natural and unnatural in a surreal and abstract platform.


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