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Mercedes Marin

portrait- abstrait_detrait , Printed CG image



"My work is created by digital tools as emotional instruments through which we express our emotions and how we feel from day to day.

The work shown in this exhibition is a series of images of a virtual reality environment created as an attempt to shape the personal view of artificial paradises and utopia. As I consider the personal as geopolitical, this view becomes conditioned by space and embodiment.

Throught this enviroments our geopolitical condition becomes abstract and it dissolves into infinite possibilities for the construction of new landscapes."

I'm a visual artist and designer. I hold a degree in Fine Art taken at Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten ( Netherlands), Interior Architecture at the Madrid School of Design and Digital Arts and Design Experience at the Instituto Europeo di Design (Madrid). I work mainly with digital arts. I create immersive audiovisual installations, video art , photography and sound art. I am interested in working with space and studying the progressive objectification of abstraction, utopia and altered states of consciousness and perception. My work has been shown at festival and galleries through Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland, Colombia and Spain.

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