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Niamh Murray is an Irish born South East London based artist & secondary school art teacher. Niamh works in a range of media and especially drawing, whether that be using different materials to draw onto or drawing with light through Photography.


Recent life events have meant that Niamh has taken stock of her art practise and is currently in the middle of preparing for a sabbatical. A lot of her work, although personal, will often spill over as a lesson or metaphor for her audience to pick up on. She believes in the power of the shaman as much as she believes in the power of the dream.


Believing everyone has a creative pathway or tap to be opened, Niamh shares intimate and personal 'journeys' that she says 'bring to the surface a net of synchronicities that seemingly surround us'. The artworks should be read as a record of having passed over some form of threshold, whether this is from waking to dreaming or the threshold from reality (consciousness) or the non-ordinary reality (NOR) of the subconscious and even the the non-ordinary reality (NOR) of the superconscious. This is where the Higher Self resides.

There are times when she and her partner have worked together to create images which tap into this realm of synchronicty working in action.


All these stages, Dreaming, Journeying and Past Life Regression/meditation can be used to not only 'keep one's house in order' but to unblock negative ego based energies and allow us to follow our 'true dream' or pathway in this life.


Dream Cabinet

Wooden cabinet, pen drawings, typed text, tea leaves, ceramic heart, type writer.





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