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Even tough we are what we dream, I actually believe we become what we do.

Along the way, we become the narratives in which we create and recreate ourselves. In my case, my pathway to dreams and narratives was always through art.


I studied contemporary art (UAB, Barcelona, 1999-2000), acting/cinema (CECC, Barcelona, 1999-2002) and visual arts (Maumaus, Lisbon, 2005-2007 + Malmö Art

Academy, Sweden, 2007-2008). Later, I did a post graduation in Digital Visual

Cultures and a Master in Anthropology (both at ISCTE, Lisbon, 2011-2013). In my

professional practice, I was selected to Anteciparte - A Selection of Portuguese

Upcoming Artists (2009) and to FUSO - The Video Art International Annual of Lisbon,

where I received the Audience Award (2010). 


I participated in several art residencies, collaborations, I wrote articles, a book, and did a film that was a nominee for Best Documentary in QueerLisboa Cinema Festival, 2013. I have exhibited in more than 50 solo and group shows in places like: Monkey Town (New York, 2007), LOOP (Barcelona, 2008), National Center for Contemporary Arts (Moscow, 2008), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, 2010), Plataforma Revólver (Lisbon, 2011), Palazzo

Albrizzi (Venice, 2012), National Museum of Ethnology (Lisbon, 2012), City Council

Gallery (Budapest, 2013), Espaço do Conhecimento (BH/Brazil, 2014), National

Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu do Chiado (Lisbon, 2014) and IKLECTIK Art

Lab (London, 2016).


One of my ground practices is performative arts. Even though from 2005 onwards, I have mainly worked with visual arts, particularly with video and video-installation, before that, my pioneering creative practice was performative arts.


What led me to seek something else was that I didn't want to interpret the world of

other artists, but to interpret the world as an artist. Video was to become my personal

medium. My continuous artistic practice, which serves me to investigate a variety of

objects of analysis has been a means to understand the “other” in relation to myself.

As a matter of fact, I never left the performative arts. I am not “the other” but I go

towards the “other”. While trying to capture and reinterpret others, I move towards

their encounter with the aim of giving them voice. In their voice, I discover my voice.

The encounter happens, more and more, in a political interventionist way.





This is not my voice

HD video, split screen, 16:9, colour, sound, 7' 39'', loop



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