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Installation with Artist books Dream journal 2Fractal geometries of the unseen (2016) and Dream journal 1 (2014 to 2016),

Desk, two chairs, suitcases with cutouts with old illustrations and old photographs, tracing paper and drawing material. 


The laboratory of dreams was a participatory project that explored the possibility of making shared maps guided by intuitive intelligence that documented and tried to establish links, between our night dreams and our day time projects and desires.The project happened as part of the exhibition dream economics.  The maps resulted from  a series of drawing& collage conversations with the public attending the exhibition, on a one to one basis. We would sit on a table, and first, share to each other our night dreams . The conversation approached Carl Jung's dream concepts of the anima, animus and shadow.


While we spoke, we made a collaborative collage, by selecting cut outs from a suitcase. I would lead the participants into selecting the cutouts by attending to the profound feelings and sensations felt in one's body. We would then draw the tableaux together while exploring, during the second part of the project, our daytime dreams (our plans and desires) while identifying in a loose and indirect way blockages, by playing a word association game.

The laboratory of dreams
Shared drawing
The laboratory of dreams
Drawing with Martin
Drawing with Andrei
Drawing with Mateus
The laboratory of dreams
Dream drawing with Jules
The laboratory of dreams
Fractal geometries of the unseen
Post humanist jungle
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