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The project explores and links night dreams with the topic of new economics, here understood as novel/pioneering socio economic ways of organizing the world. What links such radical different fields ? If night dreams explore the negative, the night, the shadow, the inner economics of beings, new economics, ideally, explores the idealist, the bright, the visionary outer economics.

The term assembles together various post-capitalist economic practices that have at their core a specific set of values such as collaboration, sharing, solidarity, and ecological consciousness, that break with the rational approach to traditional economics.

New economics are defined by Amrita Bhohi (2015) in the following way: “New economics is not about a single alternative, but about many possible alternatives united by a common set of values. These values, models and practices - democratisation of wealth and ownership, localism, protecting the commons, community sustainability and resilience.” 


Examples of new economics are actually very old models of ownership such as : co-operatives, community land trusts, community supported agriculture, the commons and collaborative commons. Some of these experiments exist since the seventies and actually failed to succeed, due to lack of sufficient resources to appropriately deal and acknowledge some of its shadow characteristics.


More recent models, resulting from technological developments are open sourcing/sharing economy. Finally, we have gift economy.


New economics is intimately connected with a conception of the “self” that corresponds to a paradigm shift (and expansion) in consciousness, that sees earth as a living organism and all of us (minerals, animals, plants, ghosts, beings) as interconnected and alive. Even the part of it, more connected with recent technological developments such as blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things, results (and fosters!) the interconnection between beings and "things", since it relies on profound automation, only possible, due to the seamless flow of communication happening between humans and "things"

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