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Dream economics, mapping the territory, was a first pioneering exhibition, which happened between 

the 7th of July and 21st July 2016, at Iklectik art lab. The project aimed to investigate artists economic lives, hopes and desires and also their dreams. The exhibition presented the works of artists Inês Rolo Amado, Jill Rock, Maria Lusitano, Niamh Murray, Rui Mourão.


Art Works


Dreaming the world in a loaf of bread, by Inês Amado Harris

Installation consisting of a series of watercolour pages with poetry and images and a small participatory action with an oral poem and whole bread.


The laboratory of dreams, by Maria Lusitano

Installation with artist books “Fractal geometries of the unseen”,and "Dream journal, 2014-2016"

video “What are you hungry for?” desk, tracing paper, drawing material. Participatory action of a drawing economic ge in a drawing& collage “conversation” with the public exploring night dreams and daytime economic desires.


The dream cabinet, by Niamh Murray

Installation. Wooden cabinet, pen drawings, typed text, tea leaves, ceramic heart, type writer.


This is not my voice, by Rui Mourão

HD video, split screen, 16:9, sound, 7´39´´, loop

Collage of a personal archive of videos gathered through the course of a series of performative actions done in 2014 (in collaboration with more than 100 people) with videos taken from the Internet and images of indigenous rituals extracted from the films "Kuarup Kamaiurá" by Toni Lotar (Brasil) and "O Amendoim da Cutia" by Komoi Panará and Paturi Panará (Brazil, Amazon), which is part of the Ashaninka villages series in the video in the villages collection.

Soundtrack done by the artist, by mixing personal sound archive with excerpts from "Masterpiece" by Nicolas Jaar.



The great work,  by Jill Rock

An old and disused shelf, mirrors, with a geometric pattern devised by Richard Cardew and the artist, to resolve the problem of patterning pentagons in 2D, and an old set square. 

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